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My name is Kimberly Barder, and I am a Spiritual Path Coach and an Intuitive Healer. My journey began in and around 2009. It began with a “Bang” so to speak and I initially did not know where or who to turn to for assistance. After researching online, at some length, I came to understand that there were many others around the world having similar, amazing experiences like myself. I eventually sought out through the internet and through local Spiritual Stores and Spiritual Gatherings, in the area where I live, those who could help me along my path. I remember being inundated with information that flooded in from many sources and not really knowing what was truth and not knowing which way to turn. Now that I have been on my path for quite some time now, I hope to assist others, who were once like me, along their spiritual paths, those who may be just starting out on their journeys and not really sure where to turn. Everyone of us has a different Divine Purpose and Blueprint. Although, in fact, we are all ONE, we each have different paths that are magically unfolding for each of us. I meet each and every divine light being where they are and offer to you, through my own experience, that I have been blessed with, the tools that I have gathered to assist you in the unfolding of your very own unique spiritual journey. Having had the opportunity to grow up in Singapore, I had the experience of being exposed to many different healing modalities and ways of being. I am a Reiki Practitioner as well as an Integrated Energy and Access Bars Facilitator. Over the past two years, I have been blessed to be able to complete and be part of “The Birthing Your Angelic Self Series.” These courses are facilitated by Divine Arch Angel Raphael, channeled through Kelly Kolodney. As a result of my service and work in these courses, I currently am a member of The Council of Light...where I serve alongside members of The Angelic Realm and The Ascended Masters to bring forth the raising of consciousness of humanity and to assist in the healing of Dear Mother Earth...All for the highest good of All through Pure Unconditional Love and Light.

” It is my intent, I now celebrate myself, for always becoming for myself, whatever appears missing in me, at any given moment, for my highest healing, my highest good, my highest outcome and my highest well-being, and for the well-being of all that I AM now and so it is”


This morning I was given an image of myself walking up a large mountain to the top where I was then robed, in a white and gold color robe and handed a staff. On top of the mountain, which happened to overlook all of Dear Mother Earth, were all of my Light Tribe members as …

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Full circle

Good morning everyone I received some guidance this morning.. and here goes… This week in our rotation we will come back around full circle and focus our gifts once again on the Pacific (Group #1’s focus). Last week, we also focused on Unity and Oneness and really sitting in that Oneness that we All are …

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All is connected

Good morning beautiful, magnificent light tribe Late last night, I received some messages from our beloved Masters for the direction to go for this week’s focus. Please, as always, add whatever guidance you are receiving as well. Please also post if there is any one you would like the group to pray for and send …

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