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Hello, and welcome to my Healing Sessions page. My name is Kimberly Barder. I offer my services as an Intuitive Healer and a Spiritual Path Coach. During a session, I offer to meet with you via Skype or over the phone to assess where you may be on your spiritual journey and what tools you may wish to welcome into your life… in hopes for your journey to unfold for you in a more balanced, harmonious, and peaceful way. Over the last several years, I have gathered many tools that have assisted me greatly on my own, personal journey. I am happy to share these tools with you now, to allow for your own journey to unfold with more ease and grace.

The sessions I offer are for those beginning on their ascension journey and also for those who have already consciously begun their journeys. This is not a psychic reading session.
Currently, sessions are $111/hour and longer sessions are available upon request.

*A session with Kimberly Barder is only for personal reflection purposes. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. You must be 18 years or older to request a session with Kimberly Barder.

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