What Is Your Joy?…. Let’s Find It!

Joy for me means being filled within with the Love of God and knowing that this is my truth, at any given moment. Joy is knowing I Am never alone… that God Source “Has my Back Always”. Joy to me is the pure knowing that I Am One with All there Is, Ever Was, and Ever Shall Be. Joy to me is knowing that since I Am One with All There Is, Ever Was and Ever Shall Be, that I can pick and choose for myself and intend for myself, that which I wish to experience in my reality, at any given moment. How awesome is that? Joy to me is always being able to be in gratitude for all the infinite blessings that have been bestowed upon me by my Beloved Creator. Joy to me is my ability to see the divinity and light within myself and all others and to continuously see with innocent perception, through the eyes of a child. Joy to me is my beautiful son. Joy to me is as simple as what makes me smile. What is Joy for you?

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I Am All In

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