Energetic Light Spirals


These Light Spiral paintings are a true gift from the Divine.  Before incarnating, before coming to Mother Earth, each of us chose for ourselves a specific purpose or purposes. We each selected for ourselves many things to do in this lifetime.

These Light Spirals, that we are blessed to receive from the Divine, awaken the parts or aspects of ourselves that we have chosen for our soul purpose/s. If you are one who feels drawn to these Light Spiral paintings, you are meant to be attracted to them and it is by no coincidence. The Light Spirals bring forth, with their specific frequencies of light, a remembrance of All That Is… triggering synergetic coding within you.

These Light Spirals also bring forth for you a healing for your soul self. If you resonate with these Light Spirals, whether conscious of it or not, you have chosen for this soul healing and awakening to be provided for self in this lifetime, now. Blessings and love to you on your magnificent journey.


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I Am All In

Alina Ionescu- Web Design
Annie Alvarez– Web Design
Louis Dyer- Light Spiral Art
Simona Manenti- Soul Symbol Art

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