This morning I was given an image of myself walking up a large mountain to the top where I was then robed, in a white and gold color robe and handed a staff. On top of the mountain, which happened to overlook all of Dear Mother Earth, were all of my Light Tribe members as well as the Beloved Ascended Masters who sit around the Council of Light Table where we all sit, with our respective Ascended Masters( our mentors) to our left. We were all standing in a circle around Mother Earth as we are seated now around the Council of Light Table, every other one alternating. The point was made that we are all standing (Side by Side) (Shoulder to Shoulder). They asked us to focus on Unity and Oneness. Not only for the planet and humanity as a whole but specifically for each of us at this time. Seeing ourselves as truly ONE. Sitting in this ONENESS as an exercise some time this week if you are wanting.

Feeling the infinitness and the ALL encompassing feeling of that which you truly are. For they wish for us to sit with this truth. We are ONE with the Masters as we are ONE with All there is Ever Was and Ever Shall Be. We are side by side in this work of service. For the message was given today, as it was given before, that not until we truly embrace the ONENESS that we truly are can our work our service Be.

We are All the same, ONE with our Masters, no ONE above the other for there is only Truly ONE. We are all in the same house just at different levels of remembrance of who it is that we are… THE ONE. There is absolutely nothing we have to learn or be taught.. All dwells within each of us as it does with our Beloved Masters. When we hear the phrase or term a “Realized Being” or “Enlightened Being” it’s only that they have realized or remembered who they truly are.. which is the ONE and only ONE. They wish us to sit with this ourselves as well as bestow this gift of Unity and Oneness into the collective consciousness for the highest good of all this week. Please join in, if you choose to, and always love love love to you all

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I Am All In

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