“I AM Worthy, I AM Worthy, I AM Worthy.. Because I AM!”
I AM… Is God Source’s Name.
When you know you are a piece of God Source, that you are in fact God, you then come to the realization and pure knowing that you are One with All things and All things are One with you. You conceptualize that All and Everything is God and that God is Pure Unconditional Love and The Light. You then have a true knowing that if All is God Source and God Source is Pure Unconditional Love and Light… then so are you! ( Because God is everything, and you are included in that). When you see your infiniteness, as God Source, the piece of God that you are, you know that you are One with God. You are self-contained. This means that you are not in need of anything external for All you seek lies within you already because you are in fact All of it. You are One with Your Creator, you are All and Everything, made in his/her likeness. You are Worthy of All!!!!!!

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I Am All In

Alina Ionescu- Web Design
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